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  • I received my device, it is way cool. More impressive is the heft of the device. My great grandchildren will be using this. Your product is awesome.
  • They look superb looking forward to using one in a bit to swap bars and put new brake pads in. Thanks, Chiseled Design!
  • I am very interested in buying a further 20 as gifts for my work team.
  • Received mine today in the UK. Very pleased with it. Great job guys.
  • WOW!! It is excellent better then I hoped! Very compact and very useful!! It is a tool that will get a lot of use by me!! It is well worth the wait!!! It’s again an excellent tool.
  • Just wanted to say Thanks for the Great items. Looks even better than the campaign.
  • Arrived in the UK today. Looks great. Thank you. Well worth the wait!
  • I got mine today in Tennessee. It looks great and solid construction.
  • Received mine and very happy with the build quality. Excellent work!
  • I just got mine and I’m highly impressed. Very well built and carefully thought out tool!
  • Just received my multi tool a few days ago. It’s so awesome and useful when I’m at work!
  • Really nice! I honestly didn’t think anything would boot my Bit Bar from my pocket until this came along. Sure, enough I am confident it can bump it. The Distinct lets me carry two more bits plus I get more leverage with it.